Vestrucci / Raso / Stucchi / Vivacqua / Fenara / Bensasson / Della Guardia / Beraha

We Love Sience presents the result of a project facilitating eight contemporary artists to exchange views with researchers and scientists from eight major Italian research institutions. The works exhibited, were created using different techniques, and provide a glimpse into the various processes and analytical work that is taking place in these research centers, often transliterating data into compositions.

The research centres involved are: the Italian Astronomical Observatory of the Canary Islands, the Italian Institute of Astrophysics, the Vesuvius Observatory of the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology, the Elettra-Sincrotrone in Trieste, the National Institute for Studies and Experiences of Naval Architecture in Rome, the Sos Enattos Mine in Sardinia, the Gran Sasso National Laboratory for Nuclear Physics, National Institute for Astrophysics in Cagliari and the Italian Space Agency (Matera headquarters). The resident artists are: Serena Vestrucci, Margherita Raso, Davide Stucchi, Jonathan Vivacqua, Irene Fenara, Giulio Bensasson, Antonio Della Guardia and Ruth Beraha.