Galeria e Bregdetit – Qendra për Peisazhe në Ndryshim (EN: Gallery of the Coast – Center for Changing Landscapes) is a seasonal contemporary exhibition space and artistic research center which runs its program during the tourist season of the Albanian Riviera in the coastal south of the country. The gallery aims to use contemporary art and research-based projects to investigate the invisible links that are shaping and transforming the territory.
Galeria e Bregdetit was established in 2018 in Radhima – a remote location in the Albanian seaside – seeking to challenge the narrative of this territory as a one-dimensional tourist destination by creating a platform for artistic investigation and promotion. In the last five seasons the gallery has affirmed itself as a prominent voice in the budding contemporary art ecosystem of the country, creating a distinctive voice which proudly represents the Albanian Seaside South in the international art scene.
Galeria e Bregdetit has several long lines of research, such ARTiLERIA Sazan → which aims to use cultural planning in the rehabilitation of the abandoned island of Sazan; South by the Sea, a yearly showcase of southern voices in contemporary art; and the Off Season Artist Residency → which brings contemporary artists to the seaside when the “pressure of tourism” is turned off.


To foster and promote contemporary art and culture in the context of the Albanian seaside south, and the exchange between artists, curators, researchers, and the wider public in this peripheric context by showcasing emerging and established artists from the region and around the world. This is mainly achieved by interacting with the landscape of the Albanian Riviera through the lens of contemporary art as an investigative tool for territorial transformations.


The name of the space (translating to “Gallery of the Coast”) clearly underlines the close relationship that it intends to nurture with the context and landscape. We strive to be an avant-garde cultural institution that nurtures creativity, innovation, and experimentation, by providing a dynamic platform in a unique context and mindset for possible creative inspirations and expressions. A more ambitious vision is the ability to influence the politics and dynamics of development in the Albanian seaside through its research, exhibitions and projects.
Photos by     
Giaime Meloni →


The interior of the gallery is divided into two parts by a holographic curtain. The first space pushes the white-cube concept to an extreme, where the interior seems completely isolated and distant from the physical rules of the exterior. On the other side of the curtain, a rough space dedicated to residencies and to display artworks of big dimensions was completely undressed from every form of finishes and left naked, with at the center a light square and a series of modular furniture that can provide different spatial settings. The exterior space, called Concrete Dunes, is a garden and space for performances, mixing plants and artificial dunes, creating a multilevel space where the stage and the audience are completely and continuously mixed.
Architectural project by
Parasite 2.0 →