Bedri Pejani

Bedri Pejani’s “Sister Moon” explores the subconscious dimensions of the soul, with a series of 21 imposing paintings that dance with the metaphysical aspects that shape our lives.

In the quest to find for the origin of the word “lunatic,” the effortless discovery of “luna” (moon in Latin) leads the artist beyond, to the belief that the moon causes specific kinds of madness; or that it might reveal bizarre aspects of one’s personality. These are notions that have existed for thousands of years, starting from the antiquity of Aristotle and Pliny the Elder, who were convinced that the moonlight affected mental health. The canvases of the painter Pejani create a metaphorical narrative of the impact that the night and the moon have on us.

“Sister Moon” was created for Galeria e Bregdetit and supported by the Ministry of Culture of Albania.