Johan Österholm / Lotta Törnroth / Niklas Holmgren / Ylva Carlgreen / Mikaela Steby Stenfalk

PHOTONS From the Sky to the Sea is an exhibition that brings together six artists and nine artworks selected by the artist Donika Çina and organized by Galleria e Bregdetit, Rradhima Vlora with the support of the Swedish Arts Grants Committee.

Often a project by Donika Çina takes the shape of a collection and conjunction of fragments (stories) which – although are not directly connected to each other in a sub sequential way – connect to complete a journey and build a new open-ended narrative. Through the combination of different personal and collective registers of thoughts and memories these fragments work separately but open the trails to the other fragments of the whole, suggesting the role and intervention of the artist as the moderator of the discourse rather than the director thereof.

Invited by Galeria e Bregdetit to curate a show, Çina uses her own artistic practice as a method of combining and associating works to create an exhibition in the form of a journey. The journey in the same time explores the role of photographic image within the artists’ practice, in the production of the art object, as well as the photographic image as a backdrop influencing directly or indirectly our everyday life and the ways how we perceive life in all its components.