Jasmina Al-Qaisi / Benera & Estefan / Enric Fort Ballaster / Lori Lako / Abi Shehu

Off Season is an artist residency programme that invites contemporary artists to live and work at the seaside, in areas usually thought of as one-dimensional tourist hotspots. Located in Radhima, Off Season aims to bring new artistic perspectives to the Albanian seaside by facilitating artists’ research and dialogue with the current and historical context of the resort. The residency uses the metaphor of an imagined travel company to critically engage with the language and structures of tourism, and presents the research process and outcomes in “exhibitions as Tourist Agencies”.

This second edition of Off Season took place between 1 and 21 May 2023, during a very rainy spring season, featuring some old friends and some new ones. Jasmina Al-Qaisi, and Benera & Estefan coming out of the Romanian contemporary Art Scene; Enric Fort Ballaster originally from Valencia, accompanied by dear friends Lori Lako and Abi Shehu.