Asllani / Crostella / Tonon / Curti / Lisi / Demi / Derhemi / Dongilli /

Residency & Workshops: 7-17.07 2022
Exhibition Opening & Performances: 16.07.2022
Exhibition duration: 16.07.2022 – 14.08.2022
Supported by: British Council, Ministry of Culture

The first project of 2022 was a collaboration with Tirana Art Lab and the Ecumene Project, which invited a group of ten artists from Albania, Italy, and the United Kingdom to come and reside, reflect, and create for a period of 10 days in an artistic residency situated in the Albanian coastline. The residency resulted in the exhibition “Performative Exhibition 3: Collective Contours” which remained on view from July 16th until August 14th. The goals of the project were blurring boundaries between stage and life; performance and improvisation; exhibiting and creative process and putting an emphasis on the potentiality of the collective experience of the NOW. The exhibition is the result of a collective process and brings to the public the creations and experiences of a collective of artists who lived and created together for a period of time.

As part of “Performative Exhibition#3 – Collective Contours”, two UK based artists were invited to give their contribution to the project. Elischa Kaminer and Sivan Rubinstein developed and conducted workshops for the collective during their residency at Galeria e Bregdetit.
Elischa Kaminer was part of the Public Program on Saturday 16.07 with the concert “YES”, which successfully took the public on a deep emotional journey through music. Sivan Rubinstein is part of the exhibition with a video-performance, through which she invites the visitors to interact with her and to become an active part of the exhibition.

This collaboration was produced by Eni Derhemi, Giulia Dongilli and Adela Demetja, and hosted by Galeria e Bregdetit. The project was supported by the Creative Producers programme developed by the British Council in the Western Balkans, with additional support by the Ministry of Culture of Albania. We would like to thank the collective behind this fascinating project: Kiara Asllani, Elisa Crostella, Michela Curti, Chiara De Maria, Adi Demi, Eni Derhemi, Giulia Dongillli, Ina Lisi, Lara Tonon. Very diverse from each other and coming from different backgrounds, they have been working together since march 2020 thanks to the first residency organized by Ecumene Project. As part of the Public Program during the Opening on 16.07.2022 at Galeria e Bregdetit, the collective presented to the visitors a new performance. Intuitively, their collective practice and performance deals with themes such as the conscious relationship between beings, the connection between bodies and nature and focuses on the essence beyond bodies.